Youth Dance Classes

Come join this unique dance studio in Centerville, Utah to learn Scottish Highland dancing, and/or to try ballroom, world dance, and creative dance. We have students from Davis County and Salt Lake County. We accept all ages and invite our dancers to perform at shows, festivals, events, and to join us in competitions throughout the Utah Valley!

Scottish Highland Dance

In these classes, students will be learning all of the Highland and National Scottish traditional dances such as the Highland Fling, Sword, Seann Tribhuas, and Strathspey and Reel. These dances are what students will be competing in various competitions. On top of these dances, the students will also learn a variety of choreographed pieces for performances and events around Utah.

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scottish highland dance classes

Creative Dance

This class is specifically catered for toddlers (ages 3-5) to explore various forms of dance movement. Toddlers will learn to create dance shapes and energy and will learn specific dance terms and exercises which will prepare them for other styles of dance that require more extensive technique.

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creative dance classes

World Dance

We partnered with World Fusion, a folk dance team directed by Brigham Young University alumni folk dancers. Performance tryouts will be held January 2017. No dance experience is needed.

This is a group that introduces folk dances from all around the world. We perform all different styles of dance such as Bollywood (from India), Irish Step Dancing, Israeli, Mexican, African, Russian, Ukrainian dancing, and so on.

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world dance classes

Ballroom Dance

Whether you, your spouse, or a close friend have been looking for something new to try together, or simply looking for a social activity and a fun form of exercise, ballroom dancing might be your fit.

We offer group lessons or private instruction. A 1 hour private ballroom dance lesson is $40.

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Our Team

McKenzie Keene
McKenzie Keene, Owner and Dance Teacher
  • BYU International Folk Dance Ensemble performer for four years
  • Award winning Scottish Dancer since the age of four
  • Received teaching certificate in Highland Dancing in 2012
  • Member of FUSTA, BATD, and MWHDA
Kristoffer Keene
Kristoffer Keene, Ballroom Instructor
  • Instructed ballroom classes at BYU
  • BYU Ballroom Company performer for four years
  • Taught youth group and private classes at Davis County Ballroom
  • Award winning Amateur competitor

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